Popular Restaurants and Eateries in the Smoky Mountains, TN

One of the top things to do on vacation is to eat like the locals do! That’s why you’ll want to check out Mighty Vacay’s list of popular restaurants and eateries inΒ the Smoky Mountains, TN. In this guide, you’ll learn about the top local restaurant and bar favorites among tourists and residents alike. Read on to get a jump start on planning your trip today.

What’s the local flavor?

Surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, the Smokies are known for its rustic southern comfort foods. Many local restaurants, from casual cafes and diners to upscale dining establishments, feature mouthwatering dishes focused on Tennessee barbeque, fried chicken, biscuit and gravy, and local freshwater fish! The Smokies is also known for its artisanal crafted jellies, honeys and other delicacies.

Don’t like comfort food? No worries, because you have a variety of other dining options to choose from! Check out the local good eats information below and you’ll find yummy grub that’ll fit any diet and appetite.

Favorite Smoky Mountain Restaurants and Eateries

Now that you know where you want to eat, are you still looking for a place to stay in the Smokies? If not, we’ve got you covered! Just book one of our different Smoky Mountain cabins for a wonderful mountain escape. We’ve got something for everyone!

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