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Discover Mighty Vacay’s recommendations on what amazing things to do during your family’s Spring vacation to one of our destinations: Smoky Mountains, TN; Panama City Beach, FL; and Gulf Shores, AL.

Where to Spend Your Awesome Emerald Coast Fishing Adventure

Fishing is not only a fun outdoor activity but also an opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. There’s nothing like slowing down to wait for that big catch to nibble on your line. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just an easygoing, curious traveler looking for new things to try, you’ll enjoy reeling in your own dinner while hanging out with your friends and family on your Emerald Coast fishing adventure!

Where to Spend Your Awesome Fishing Adventure in Gulf Shores

Since all good vacations should include some rest and relaxation time, fishing is one of the most ideal outdoor activities you can try out to help re-center and unwind. Not to mention the fact that fishing can also be one of the most fun and exciting things to do during your beach escapade.

Top 8 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in Panama City Beach, FL

Although a rainy day is far from your ideal vacation weather in Panama City Beach, there are so many indoor activities you can indulge in around the area while staying dry and warm.

Top 6 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in Gulf Shores

Although a rainy day is far from your ideal vacation weather, there are so many indoor activities you can enjoy while staying warm and dry during a downpour in Gulf Shores.

Top 5 Must-Try Restaurants in Gulf Shores, AL

Aside from its picturesque shorelines and crystal-clear waters, Gulf Shores also has a thriving culinary scene. Hungry locals and tourists have plenty of top-notch dining spots to choose from in the area, so be sure to check out these five must-try restaurants in Gulf Shores during your visit!

Top 4 Must-See Dinner Shows in Pigeon Forge, TN

Sure, you can easily sit down for a group meal at a restaurant, but how much better would it be to enjoy a tasty meal along with some high quality entertainment?

Top 3 Picks and Tips for Your Great Smokies Rafting Adventure

Rafting helps boost your self-esteem. Overcoming the challenges of rafting can give you a sense of accomplishment and make you more confident to try new thrilling adventures!

7 Must-See Attractions at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN

Besides soaking up the sun while swimming or just strolling along the shore, why not take your beach getaway up a notch by flying on a parasail? If the thought of floating on the air with your legs dangling scares you, then you’re missing out on one of the most amazing experiences you can have in the Gulf Shores! Your fear of heights must have been holding you back from trying this watersport, but you might actually be surprised how peaceful it is to be gliding with the wind while cruising through the stunning panoramic view of the scenery below. Read on to learn more about our top 3 picks where you can do parasailing in Gulf Shores and neighboring beaches.

Top 3 Kayak Rental Providers in Panama City Beach

Picture yourself paddling through the waves while beautiful sceneries recede into the distance. And then another one reveals itself as you go along and get lost in the moment. Imagine sitting in a kayak on a heart-stopping water adventure or on a peaceful exploration on the lake. Kayaking can be both an exhilarating sport and a relaxing outdoor activity. Either way, you will surely want to try a Panama City Beach kayaking experience. 

Top 3 Mountain Coaster Rides for an Awesome Adventure in the Smokies

You’ve probably enjoyed a roller coaster ride at least once, but have you ever tried riding a mountain coaster? Also known as “alpine coasters,” mountain coasters are similar to roller coasters, except that the former are set atop a mountain and follow its natural terrain. Additionally, they are powered by gravity and, unlike traditional roller coasters, they have manual brakes, allowing you to control their speed during descent.

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