Where to Spend Your Awesome Fishing Adventure in Gulf Shores

The pristine, unspoiled waters of Gulf Shores have a lot to offer anyone looking for a much-needed break from their daily grind. If you’re planning a trip to Gulf Shores, AL you probably already have dolphin watching, parasailing, or jet skiing on your to-do list, right? But what about fishing? Since all good vacations should include some rest and relaxation time, fishing is actually one of the most ideal outdoor activities you can try out to help re-center and unwind. Not to mention the fact that fishing can also be one of the most fun and exciting things to do during your beach escapade. Read on to learn more about how and where you can go fishing in Gulf Shores and nearby areas.

What Types of Fish Will I Catch in the Gulf Coast?

Gulf Shores is home to numerous fish species that are good to eat and fun to catch. The most popular local catches in the area include the redfish, speckled trout, and snapper.

1. Redfish

Redfish have many names, such as red drum, red bass, spottail, and channel bass. They are famous for their dark red backs, which make them easy to spot when they swim in shallow water. You may also see them break the surface of the water because they swim vertically to hunt for their food, like shrimp, snails, and crabs. With an average lifespan of 40 years, these delicious fish can be found both inshore and offshore in the Mobile Bay, Little Lagoon, and Perdido Bay all-year-round.

2. Speckled Trouts

Another common local species is the speckled trout, also known as spotted seatrout. These fish can be found inshore and are best caught during the fall and spring seasons. However, note that the state of Alabama has a harvest regulation that allows only a total of six speckled trouts (15” to 22” in length) to be caught per person per day. Speckled trouts are known for having soft, white meat and are best fried or broiled. If you want to catch these tasty fish, consider bringing live shrimp, jerkbaits, soft plastics, and topwaters for bait and lures.

3. Snappers

Red snappers are a popular fish to catch and eat almost everywhere. To catch these fish in Gulf Shores, anglers usually use dead bait, such as squid and pogies. However, if you’re aiming to catch a large prize, consider using live bait, such as pinfish and ruby red lips, as they work best to lure these predators in. Red snappers are known to have meat with a firm texture and mild flavor that’s slightly sweet and nutty in taste. For a tasty meal, this fish is best cooked with seasoning and roasted over lemon slices. 

How to prepare for your Gulf Shores Fishing Trip

Whether you want to go on a private charter or join other anglers and tourists on a group fishing excursion, there are many excellent fishing options to try out in Gulf Shores. But before you head out, be sure to prepare to make the most of your fishing adventure:

  • Get the latest fishing reports for current tips and updates on finding the best fishing locations to cast your line. 
  • Check the weather reports.
  • Pack your gear, tackle, lures, and baits. Don’t have your own fishing gear on hand? Not a problem, especially if you plan on joining a fishing charter that provides all of the fishing equipment you’ll need. If you decide to fish from a pier or shore, you might need to purchase a fishing license on your own at the Gulf State Park pier or online. Be sure to remember to bring lots of drinking water, meals, and snacks to keep your energy up. And don’t forget to also bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed fishing hats, too, for sun protection.

Where to Go Fishing in Gulf Shores

Excited to bait a hook and catch some fishy good eats? Check out some of the most popular methods and places to go fishing in Gulf Shores.

Shore Fishing in Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan’s geographical formation as a peninsula makes it an ideal site for fishing in the Alabama Coast. As such, you can easily fish along many cool hot spots in this quaint community west of Gulf Shores on Mobile Point. Just grab your fishing rod and pick your spot from the following options. 

1. Fort Morgan Beach

Surf fishing along the shores of Fort Morgan Beach is a great way for first-time anglers to enjoy the outdoors while learning a new skill. If you want a simple but fun physical activity to do, just head over to the beach with your fishing essentials, and look for sandbars. That’s where you’ll want to set up as fish usually love hanging out there, chasing and feeding on your waiting bait. However, just note that as a beginner, you may find it hard to spot a sandbar, a point, or a hole at first. But don’t give up! You’ll eventually learn how to differentiate these structures as you dive deep into the art of surf fishing.

2. Dixey Bar

Often misspelled as Dixie Bar, Dixey Bar is another popular fishing location in Fort Morgan. Here’s some local trivia: Dixey Bar is a shallow sandbar named after the clipper ship, Robert H. Dixey, which got destroyed on the bar by a hurricane in 1860. Today, the spot is a favorite among local anglers hoping to catch giant redfish, also called bulls, that often swim in the bar for feeding frenzies.

3. Gulf State Park Pier

The Gulf State Park Pier not only offers 2,448 feet of fishing space, but also a picturesque view of the ocean. Anglers love casting their lines here because of the variety of fish they can catch from the Pier. Pompano, Red Drum, Flounder, Whiting, and Spanish Mackerel are just some of the many species found in this famous fishing site. No bait and tackle? Don’t worry! You can conveniently purchase your bait, along with an Alabama fishing license, on site.

Kayak Fishing

Kayaking has gained popularity over the decades amongst outdoor enthusiasts. But did you know that Gulf Shores also offers a number of scenic places that you can fish while experiencing a peaceful ride paddling through the local waterways. A favorite pastime among locals and tourists alike, kayak fishing can be done on the waters of Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, and Orange Beach. Little Lagoon, located on West Beach in Gulf Shores is home to a variety of fish, making it ideal for kayak fishing. Trout, redfish, and flounder are some of the other popular catches in the area.

Fishing Charters

If you want expert guidance to help you reel in some big catch, then you should consider booking a fishing charter. Besides the convenience of not having to worry about bringing your own fishing equipment, fishing charters also offer experienced crew support that will teach you some nifty fishing techniques to up your fishing game. Here are some recommended fishing charters in Gulf Shores:

1. Hudson Marina

Hudson Marina is a family-owned and operated business located along South Wilson Boulevard in Orange Beach. When you go on a fishing escapade with Hudson Marina, you can look forward to catching red snappers, gag groupers, cobias, amberjacks, vermillion snappers, and triggers. 

The company offers different options for fishing charters and party boat fishing trips that range from $59 to $155 per person. For semi-private deep sea fishing charters, you can schedule 4-hour, 6-hour, and 8-hour trips that cost $1,800 to $3,150 for the first 18 people. Got kids? Great! Kids are often invited to try their hand at steering the boat with the Captain’s assistance, of course.

For those who just want to enjoy a fun day out on the water and not fish, you can head over to the large viewing deck onboard to take in the picture-perfect scenery. Other helpful tips Hudson Marina gives is to remember to bring snacks and drinks, sunscreen, a hand towel, and of course, some ginger tablets or Dramamine for those who are prone to motion sickness.

If you book a Hudson Marina fishing charter, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the boat’s departure. After booking, check your email for your booking confirmation with the detailed directions.

4-hr  Deep Sea Party Boat Fishing Trip$59/person
Plus $5 fuel surcharge and 15% gratuity
65 ft boat
Max. of 60 passengers
Departs at 8AM daily
Fish cleaning is 30 cents/pound paid directly to the mates
6-hr Shared Fishing Charter$125/person
Plus $7.75 fuel surcharge and 15% gratuity
85 ft boat
Max. of 60 passengers
Biggest and fastest charter boat in Orange Beach
Departs at 8AM daily
Fish cleaning is 30 cents/pound paid directly to the mates
6-hr Walk-on Trip$155/person40 ft boat
Max. of 22 passengers
Fish cleaning is 30 cents/pound paid directly to the mates
6-hr, 8-hr and 10-hr Semi Private Deep Sea Fishing “Wishbone/C.A.T.”Walk-on Trip: $155/person
Private 4-Hour Trip: $1800 for the first 18 people; $100/additional person (afternoon only)
Private 6-Hour Trip $2790 for the first 18 people; $155/additional person
Private 8-Hour Trip: $3150 for the first 18 people; $175/additional person

Plus 15% gratuity at check-out
Fishing for Red Snapper, Gag Grouper, Cobia, Amberjack, Vermillion Snapper, Trigger, White Snapper, Black Snapper, Lane Snapper, etc.

Wishbone Charter Boat is 41′ Sea Harvester with a full walk-around deck, large cabin with a/c, and clean restroom.

7 a.m. daily

Source: http://www.hudsonmarina.net/
SourceRatingNumber of Reviews
Trip Advisor4.53,435

2. Island Marine Charters

Island Marine Charters offers inshore fishing charter trips with launch ramps in Fort Morgan, Canal Park, and Little Lagoon. Specializing in fishing the calm waters of local protected bays, rivers, and lagoons, Island Marine is the best choice for those that suffer from sea sickness. What previous guests loved the most was not only catching lots of red fish, sheep heads, and black drums, but also spending time with Captain Joe! He always makes the experience delightful as he regales his guests with stories and fishing tips while steering the boat during the tour.

Island Marine Charters’ private 2-, 4-, and 6-hour inshore fishing packages are priced from $300 to $850, depending on the number of guests. You can book morning trips departing anytime between  5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., or afternoon trips from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Note that children 8 years and under are only allowed to participate in their 2-hour trips.

If you’ve already booked with Island Marine Charters and need to cancel, be sure to notify them at least six days before the scheduled trip to avoid paying a $100 cancellation fee. Customers who miss their boat or  cancel their trip within 24 hours of their departure will be charged the full price without refund.

2-hr Inshore Fishing$300 (Dec-Feb)
$350 (Mar-Nov)
$50/additional person
1 to 2 persons; max of 4 including additional persons
Tackle, bait, and  fishing license included
Fish cleaning included
4-hr Inshore Fishing$600 (Dec-Feb)
$650 (Mar-Nov)

Standard rates for Dec-Feb:
$600/1 to 2 people
$650/3 people
$700/4 people

Standard rates for March-Nov:
$650/1 to 2 people
$700/3 people
$750/4 people
1 to 2 persons; max of 4 including additional persons
Tackle, bait, and  fishing license included
Fish cleaning included
Age: 9+ years
6-hr Inshore Fishing$800 (Dec-Feb)
$850 (Mar-Nov)
Tackle, bait, and  fishing license included
Fish cleaning included
Age: 9+ years

Source: https://www.islandmarinecharters.com/
SourceRatingNumber of Reviews
Trip Advisor580
Google4.9 stars76
Facebook5 stars161

3. Red Sky Fish Co.

Red Sky Fish Co. specializes in both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Offering trips that can be tailored to your special needs and skills, novice and seasoned anglers alike are sure to have a great time on Red Sky Fish’s half-day and full-day trips. The company provides charter tours ranging between $575 to $875 per group, includes water, ice, rods and reels, tackles, live bait (if needed), fish cleaning, and fishing license in their packages.

Red Sky Fish Co. boats depart from different locations, including Fort Morgan, Dauphin Island, Weeks Bay, Mobile Bay, and everywhere in between. Many previous passengers have raved about catching speckled trout, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel, bass, and bream and they especially loved Captain Jason for going the extra mile to give all guests an amazing time during the trip.

A non-refundable $150 deposit, payable using credit card, debit card, or cash, is required when booking a fishing experience with Red Sky Fish. In case you need to cancel, make sure to follow their 2-week cancellation policy during the peak season (March to October) or 7-day cancellation policy during the off-peak season (November to February).

Inshore FishingYearly
Triple Tail TripSeasonal
$675Max of 2 people
Half & Half (Inshore, Nearshore)Seasonal
$775Max of 3 people
Inshore FishingYearly
Full day
Cobia Ling TripSeasonal
Full day
$825Max of 3 people

Source: https://redskyfishing.com/


Group sizes: 4 adults max; 6 passengers max if w/ kids (12 yrs & under)

+$75/person beyond 3 passengers
Tour Duration: 4–5 hrs per half day, 8 hrs per full day

SourceRatingNumber of Reviews
Trip Advisor56
Google5 stars53
Facebook5 stars122

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