Mighty Tortuga House Rules

Check out our Mighty Tortuga House Rules.

Welcome to Mighty Tortuga, your “home away from home” during your Panama City Beach getaway! As you know, this is our personal home and not a hotel. So please treat it as you would staying at a friend’s or relative’s house. By following these simple Mighty Tortuga House Rules, you’ll surely have a comfortable and amazing stay at our beach house!

Check out our Mighty Tortuga House Rules below:

Maximum Capacity

Only the guests registered for your booking can be on the premises during your stay. At most 14 people, including children and day visitors, may use the house at any given time. In addition, we will charge $100 per guest per day for all guests above the maximum capacity.

Prohibited Activities

  • No illegal activities are allowed on the premises.
  • No drugs and fireworks are allowed on the premises.
  • No large group events, parties, or gatherings are allowed on-site. Anyone who is NOT a part of your reservation may not use the home and its amenities or be on the premises.
  • No smoking/vaping of any kind indoors. Guests may smoke on the decks (with doors and windows closed) and outside areas only. Throw away all cigarette butts into the trash or ash trays. Any evidence of smoking/vaping inside the house will result in a forfeit of the security deposit in its entirety. We will also charge an extra cleaning fee if you leave butts in the yards or the driveway.
  • No pets are allowed on the premises, unless authorized as part of your reservation at the time of booking. Please refer to our Pet Policies and House Rules for more information. Any evidence of an unpermitted pet(s) found in or about the rental property will be grounds for expedited eviction and/or forfeiture of all monies paid, including your security deposit. You will be responsible for any and all costs for enforcing such a termination from the property and/or any related services required to bring the home back to its original condition.
  • No parking on the lawn or public right-of-ways (e.g. street or sidewalks) in the neighborhood per City Code. As stated in our listing, you may only park in the designated driveway(s) in front of our home. Due to complaints, the City of Panama City Beach has started to enforce local ordinances to stop illegal overcrowded street parking throughout the city. Fortunately, the city does offer 3 overnight parking lots you can pay to use during your stay. For contact Panama City Beach for more parking information re: the city lot locations, operating hours and parking fees.

Mighty Tortuga House Policy on Use of Property

  • House Appliances + Features: Use all appliances and house features only as intended. Any evidence of damage and/or destruction from misuse or abuse will result in repair/replacement costs.
  • Keep All Doors and Windows Closed: To keep the bugs out, house cool, and control the interior humidity levels, it is very critical that you keep all doors and windows closed during your stay. Due to our area’s high humidity and your constant use of air conditioning inside the home, leaving the doors and windows open may cause the HVAC system to freeze over AND cause water damage to the walls, ceilings, and electronic door locks with condensation build-up. We would hate to have to charge you for these damages.
  • Thermostats: If you need the temperature changed, please contact us and we will be happy to update the thermostat for you. We’ve had to lock our thermostat because multiple guests have accidentally caused our HVAC system to freeze and break, rendering the unit unusable for weeks as we waited for parts. Let’s avoid that and just buzz us if you need to change the temp.
  • Beds, Daybeds, Trundles, and Sofas: DO NOT jump on any beds, daybeds, trundles, and sofas. These furnishings will (and have) broken when guests have left their kids to jump and play on them. You will be charged to replace any damaged furniture that shows misuse.
  • Linens and Towels: Please DO NOT use the white towels for the pool or hot tub, the beach, on the floors, to wipe spills, to remove make-up, and/or for dyeing your hair (yes, this happens sometimes). Also, please DO NOT wash any of our white linens and towels with your colored laundry. We would hate to charge you extra to replace stained linens and towels.
  • Toilet Use: Do not flush anything other than toilet paper into the toilet. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, feminine products, diapers, paper towels, and wet wipes. 
  • No Garbage Disposal: Use the sink strainers when washing dishes. Dispose of all food scraps into the trash because there is NO garbage disposal.
  • BBQ Grill: After using the gas grill to cook, remove any food pieces to reset it for next use.
  • Trash Pick Up: Throw your garbage into the trash cans on the driveway in front of the house. Please put the cans out on Sunday and Wednesday evenings for early morning pick-up the next day. Once emptied, please return the cans to the front of the house.
  • Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Use: The swimming pool and hot tub undergo cleaning and maintenance every week. During your stay, empty the skimmer daily, keep all floaties out of the pool when not in use, and keep pets and all sharp/small objects out of the pool or hot tub. We prohibit the use of glass dinnerware and/or drinkware in the pool area or hot tub. Rinse off before using the pool and the hot tub.
  • Pool Debris & Cloudy Water: We have scheduled weekly pool maintenance to clean and rebalance the pool and hot tub chemicals. However, sometimes you may find landscape debris on the surface or bottom of the pool, and/or the water is a little cloudy. These conditions may occur if high winds blow adjacent tree leaves and foliage into the pool and/or storms rain into the pool, changing the water chemistry. Please use the pool net to skim off the leaves and debris. If the water is cloudy from a recent storm, please let us know and we will reach out to pool support. However, please note that depending on how big the storm is, our pool tech may not be able to service the pool before our next scheduled appointment.
  • Swimming Pool Safety: Swimming pools can be a potentially dangerous feature. They can cause bodily harm and possibly death if not used properly. You are responsible for supervising ALL guests, including anyone on the property, whom you directly or indirectly invited. Use at your own risk. Be vigilant at ALL times in looking after children and anyone who cannot swim.
  • Pool Alarm: Per City code, each of our windows and patio doors leading to the backyard has an alarm to prevent children from entering the backyard and pool unsupervised. Please disable the alarms located up top before opening any windows or doors. If the alarm goes off, just flip the switch immediately to disable it. Please be careful when you manually flip the fragile alarm switch and remember to turn the alarms back on when you are done playing outside to ensure your kiddos’ safety.
  • Pool Heater: The pool can be heated up to 86 degrees from October 1 to April 31. We do not heat the pool above 86 degrees in order to optimally maintain the pool’s system, energy use, and microbial growth. Note that our pool IS NOT a hot tub. Feel free to take a bath in one of our bathtubs for a hot soak!  
  • Pool Equipment: You are also responsible for the safety/maintenance of pool equipment. If you suspect something is amiss with the pool, please contact us immediately. Except for cleaning out the skimmer basket and using our available nets, please do not operate or handle the enclosed pool equipment.
  • No Toys in Pool: Do not put ANY small dive/children’s toys into the pool or hot tub. While playing with these toys in the pool may seem harmless, these objects always end up damaging our filters and pool pump. As a result, we now check our filters and pool pump after EVERY guest’s departure. If we find foreign objects in our pool systems, we will have to charge you at least $100 to remove and/or repair any damages.
  • Energy Use: Turn off all TVs and lights when not in use.

Nuisance Avoidance

  • Bugs: Florida is a tropical state with many large flying bugs and beetles, particularly the Asian cockroach and the Palmetto Bug (a.k.a. the American cockroach). Both of these species are outdoor roaches and strong fliers. They tend to follow you into the home because they are attracted to the light. This home undergoes professional pest control maintenance every month. However, please keep the house bug-free and cooled by keeping doors and windows closed and the house clean of food debris at all times.
  • Clean Kitchen: Clean dishes, kitchen counters, and dining tables after every meal. Keep all food in sealed containers or in the refrigerator to get rid of pests (e.g. cockroaches, ants, and rodents).
  • Be Respectful: This home is located in a residential neighborhood with permanent residents. Hence, your excessive noise and music will disturb your neighbors. Please keep your noise levels respectful, and observe quiet hours outdoors from 10 P.M. CST to 8 A.M. CST.

Unforeseen Circumstances

  • Utility Disruptions: Storms may cause electricity, internet, and/or cable service interruptions. However, these disruptions are rare, and services usually resume after a couple of hours.
  • Hurricanes & Storms: The Emerald Coast of Florida has a widely known hurricane season, running from June 1 to November 30 every year. We will not give refunds for travel cancellations due to weather conditions. Please plan accordingly, and avail traveler’s insurance, as you deem necessary.

Mighty Tortuga House Rules on Repair and Replacement Charges

In case the unit is in any of the following conditions upon your departure, you will pay the extra charges required to cover the extra deep-cleaning fees and/or replacement costs.

  • The unit is extremely dirty with trash, unwashed dishes, cigarette butts, and/or pet waste littered on decks or grounds, etc. This will cost an extra cleaning fee of at least $275.
  • The unit is trashed due to abusive use and/or having an unapproved event or large party. We will charge at least $500 for the deep-cleaning fee.
  • The unit and/or furniture show evidence of unpermitted indoor smoking. We will charge a deep-cleaning fee of at least $500.
  • The unit and/or furniture show evidence of an unpermitted pet, including cats. We will charge a deep-cleaning fee of at least $500.
  • Furniture, appliances, and/or home goods are left damaged or destroyed due to misuse and/or abusive use. Home goods may include, but are not limited to, dinnerware, cookware, linens, and towels. We will charge fees for the repair or replacement costs.

Got questions about our Mighty Tortuga House Rules? Feel free to reach out to us at hello@mightyvacay.com.

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