Mighty Paradise House Features

Once you arrive at our beach house, you will likely want to dive in and use some of our amazing amenities. Below are tips on how to use our house features and appliances safely and effectively. 


  • If the internet is not working, double-check that you are on the correct network.
  • If you still cannot connect, unplug the router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. 
  • Still having issues? Give us a call for some additional support.


  • When the refrigerator goes from completely empty to being filled with a full load of groceries upon your arrival, it can take 24-48 hours to cool all of the groceries. This is especially true if you add room temperature goods, like sodas and beer.
  • To help speed up the process, try adding your water bottles and freezer-friendly food to the freezer for 20-30 minutes to chill them before transferring them back to the refrigerator.
  • There is also another refrigerator in the garage for you to use. Consider distributing your food and drinks across the two fridges to ensure that there’s enough airflow to circulate and chill the food.


  • Use dishwasher pods or liquid detergent in the dishwasher only. DO NOT use regular dishwashing soap in the dishwasher.


  • The front loaded washer and dryer are located in the bathroom next to the game room and garage entry. 
  • Do not stuff and overload the washing machine when using it. It may break the machine (and it doesn’t clean as well when it is too crowded to allow full movement).
  • Do not add laundry that is soiled with solids and/or large particles.
  • Only use laundry detergent intended for washing machines.
  • Clean out the dryer lint tray and discard all lint into the trash.

Heat & Air Conditioning

  • The normal house temperature is set at 71 degrees on the Cool setting during the summer season.
  • Please keep all open windows and doors closed to keep the interior temperature of the house comfortable.
  • The temperature is locked and can only be controlled by management. If you need to adjust the house temperature, please contact us at (949) 649-3828.


  • The charcoal grill is located outside in the backyard, right outside the patio doors.
  • Clean off the grill after use to keep the backyard AND home free of pests, like cockroaches and rodents.


  • Swimming pools can be a potentially dangerous feature that can cause bodily harm and possibly death if not used properly. Please keep all doors and window access to the pool area shall be secured to keep children from accessing the pool unsupervised. You are responsible for supervising ALL guests. Use at your own risk.
  • Do not put ANY small dive/children’s toys into the pool or hot tub. While playing with these toys in the pool may seem harmless, these objects always end up damaging our filters and pool pump. As a result, we check our filters and pool pump after EVERY guest’s departure. If we find foreign objects in our pool systems, you will be charged $100 or more to remove and/or repair any damages.
  • Do not bring pets or any sharp/small objects into the pool. Use of glass dining or drinkware is strictly prohibited from the pool area. Rinse off at the outdoor shower before using.
  • The swimming pool is cleaned and serviced weekly. During your stay, please empty the skimmer daily. Keep all floaties out of the pool when not in use.
  • You are responsible for the safety/maintenance of pool equipment and should contact us ASAP if you suspect anything is not functioning properly.

Hot Tub

  • Call us if you have any questions regarding the operation of the hot tub. It is normally set to 100 degrees.
  • Keep the hot tub covered and locked when not in use. Do not sit or stand on the hot tub cover.
  • When in use, please carefully place the cover next to the hot tub and NOT on the ground where it will get damaged or contaminated with dirt and grass.
  • Do not use any glassware near or in the hot tub.
  • Do not add any substances into the hot tub, such as dish soap and bath salts.
  • Rinse off at the outdoor shower before entering the pool or hot tub to keep the water clean and chemically balanced for your use. We have both the pool and hot tub fully serviced and the chemicals replenished once a week.
  • While the hot tub is routinely serviced, incidents sometimes occur. If you have any problems with the hot tub not working properly, please contact us ASAP so that we can have the problem resolved.
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