Mighty Big Bear House Features

Check out our Mighty Big Bear House Features.

Once you arrive at our Mighty Big Bear cabin, you will likely want to dive in and use some of our amazing amenities! We’ve got you some tips on how to use our house features and appliances safely and effectively. Please take the time to read our Mighty Big Bear House Features, and be sure to enjoy your Great Smokies vacay!


  • Please check your Welcome email for the WiFi network and password.
  • If the internet is not working, double-check that you are on the correct network.
  • If you still cannot connect, unplug the router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. 
  • Still having issues? Give us a call for some additional support.

S’mores Mini Fire Pit

  • Find a Location: Place mini fire pit on a flat table surface. Do not move the fire pit while it is actively lit on fire.
  • Add Fuel: Add alcohol to the UNLIT fuel container. Do not add alcohol when burning and do not open the alcohol bottle near open flame.
  • Light Up: Use a long lighter to light fuel and be careful as the ignited flame will be larger than the lighter flame. Note that the alcohol may have different impurities that can cause black smoke to burn. A long lighter should be located in the grill tools drawer in the kitchen.
  • Turn Off Flame: Use the flat fire extinguisher cover to put out the fire when you are done.


  • It can take 24 to 48 hours for the refrigerator to cool all the food and other items stored inside. This is usually the case when it goes from being completely empty to being filled with groceries. This is also especially true if you add room-temperature liquid goods, like sodas and beer.
  • To help speed up the process, try putting your water bottles and freezer-friendly food into the freezer. Store them inside for 20 to 30 minutes to chill them. Then, transfer them back to the refrigerator.
  • There is also another full-sized refrigerator downstairs in the kitchenette. Consider distributing your food and drinks across the two fridges to ensure that there’s enough airflow to chill the food.


  • Use only the dishwasher pods or liquid detergent in the dishwasher. DO NOT use regular dishwashing soap in the dishwasher.


  • You will find the washer and the dryer in the closet next to the kitchenette downstairs. 
  • Do not stuff and overload the washing machine when using it. Doing so may break the machine. And it doesnโ€™t clean well when it is too crowded to allow full movement.
  • Do not add laundry soiled with solids and/or large particles.
  • Only use laundry detergent intended for washing machines.
  • Clean out the dryer lint tray and discard all lint into the trash.

Heat & Air Conditioning

  • There are two temperature controls in the house. You can find one on the main floor in the bedroom hallway. The other one is downstairs in the bedroom hallway.
  • We normally set the temperature at 69 degrees. You may press the up or down arrows to change it to your desired target temperature.
  • Most, if not all, cabins in the Smokies are built with electric heat pumps that require the atmospheric air to be above 40 degree Fahrenheit to work properly. Under very rare circumstances, when the weather gets into the 30s or below, our heat pump may not be able to heat the home above the 50s. In the event that this happens, please use the emergency space heaters (in closets or dressers) or extra quilts and fleeces (if electrical power goes out) until our heating system starts operating again.


  • You will find the gas grill right outside the kitchen on the main level deck.
  • If you need the fire extinguisher, you may find it next to the grill.

Hot Tub

  • Call us if you have any questions regarding the operation of the hot tub. We normally set its temperature to 100 degrees.
  • Keep the hot tub covered and locked when not in use. Do not sit or stand on the hot tub cover. There is a list of safety rules posted next to the hot tub. Please read over these before entering the hot tub.
  • Maximum capacity is 6. Do not cause the hot tub to overflow as you will need to refill the hot tub with COLD water. If you do refill the tub, please DO NOT allow water to be sprayed on the walls or deck. Doing so will cause damage to the wood cabin.
  • Do not twist the jet valves OFF. Either half-turn open or half-turn close them.
  • Use the colored hot tub towels provided, NOT the white bath towels.
  • Do not use any glassware near or in the hot tub.
  • Do not add any substances, such as dish soap and bath salts, into the hot tub.
  • Rinse off before using the hot tub to avoid creating an oily film in the water. 
  • While the hot tub undergoes regular maintenance, incidents sometimes occur. If the hot tub is not working properly, please contact us ASAP so that we can fix the issue.
  • Sometimes the water may appear slightly discolored. It may have a brown film on top and/or small black specs at the bottom. This is normal due to the minerals found in well water. We assure you the hot tub is clean and the chemicals are balanced. We drain and sanitize it and replenish the chemicals prior to every guest’s arrival.
  • While the hot tub undergoes regular maintenance, incidents sometimes occur. If the hot tub is not working properly, please contact us ASAP so that we can fix the issue.

Gas Fireplace

  • The gas fireplace operates only from October to March.
  • Turn the knob to start the fireplace. Remember to turn it off when it’s not in use.

Got questions about our Mighty Big Bear House Features? Feel free to reach out to us at hello@mightyvacay.com.

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