Bear Encounters

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing wild animals in their natural setting when you visit the Great Smoky Mountains. And what’s more exciting than seeing some of our famous Black bears, right? Well, if you do come across these beautiful creatures, remember to keep your distance because “wild” often means unpredictable and possibly dangerous.

The most important thing to do is NOT to feed bears. Why? Well, feeding bears is not only dangerous to you, but it’s also dangerous for the bears. If bears get used to being fed at picnic areas (on purpose or through improper food and waste storage), they may become aggressive and attack in those areas. Unfortunately, if a bear attacks, it will have to be put down, which is a lose-lose situation for everyone.

Here are some tips for avoiding any unfortunate bear encounters during your stay with us. 

  • Don’t inadvertently feed bears.
  • Put all trash in closed bins within bear-proof cages or keep it inside the cabin.
  • Don’t leave food or drinks outside or in the car. And be sure to keep your car doors locked because bears can get in and create lots of damage! 
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